Book Donation Guidelines

Donating books is a great way to support the library. Donated books are reviewed and either added to the collection or sold at the Friends book sales. We are grateful for most donated books, however, there are some materials that are not added to the collection or have little sales potential at the Friends book sales.

What to Donate

Almost any materials on any subject and in good condition. Some examples of types of materials are listed below:

  • Books
  • Magazines (within current two years)
  • Sheet music, songbooks, scores
  • DVDs and videotapes (movies, documentaries, music)
  • CDs and cassette tapes (music, audio books, language learning)
  • Computer software
  • Video games

What Not to Donate

Poor Physical Condition

  • Mutilated materials, including items with broken spines, loose pages, hi-lighted passages
  • Materials with brittle pages or excessive discoloration
  • Books (including paperbacks) with torn or mutilated covers
  • Any materials which are moldy, dirty or infested with insects (Use the rule of thumb—if you would not want it in your house, probably no one else would either!)


  • Textbooks, encyclopedias, medical and law books more than five years old
  • Magazines more that 2 years old
  • Travel books more than 10 years old unless they have lots of pictures or appear to have literary value