Buy and Donate Used Books

Buy Used Books

Looking for an easy way to support your local library and at the same time find great books to read? Consider buying used books from one of the several books sales run by the Friends of Aina Haina Library. In turn, the money raised by the Friends supports the programs, events, services, and resources provided by library.

  • One to two book sales a year (held in the library's meeting room)
  • On-going book sale (inside to the right of the main entrance)

Donate Used Books

When you are finished reading a book or viewing a DVD, consider donating it to the library. Of course save the books you really love, but why clutter your home unnecessarily! By donating books in good condition, you support the library in two ways -- those books may be added to the collection or they may be sold by the Friends to raise money for the library. Either way, your donation supports the library.

Help, Please be Considerate!

Most donated books are made with the best intentions in the hope that someone can enjoy them; however, materials in poor condition (i.e., damaged, moldy, bug infested) have little value to the library or to the Friends and are discarded. Reviewing and processing donations take valuable staff time. Please help by discarding or recycling books in poor condition. A good rule of thumb is that if you would not want damaged, moldy, or bug infested books in your home, chances are that no one else would either.

Also, please try to donate books when the library is open. This will avoid large piles of books in front of the library entrance. Donations left in front of the entrance doors tend to get damaged from wind and water and also attract rummagers who often leave a useless mess.